Changes of Nature during the year
This composite picture is the result of one of the craziest thing I have ever done.
In the summer 2008 a couple of crows had a nest at the left tree (at the level of third floor), so I've been thinking that they will return to their former house this year again.

Initially I wanted to take series of shots how bird is nesting. I started my photo session of the former nest in the early February 2009. I've been taking pictures from the same position and almost at the same time of day - in the morning.
Approximately in May I realized that crows have cheated me by making their nest on another tree, which is not in the picture at all :(

But I have continued to take shots, just to depict the view out of my bedroom during the whole year.
I guess it is a good contribution to today City Daily Monthly Theme day - Changes
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BTW, Happy New Year!

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