Св. Троицкий Задвинский приход aka Рижская православная церковь Св. Троицы (Riga Holy Trinity Orthodox Church, in Latvian Rīgas Sv. Trijādības pareizticīgo baznīca) is the only Orthodox Church in Pardaugava. It has not only colourful design, but very long and interesting history.
The Church in that area was hundreds years before Riga was founded by Roman Catholic Bishop Albert.
At that time this area was an island with still bays and it was important point on the Trade route from the Varangians to the Greeks. Travelling traders, loggers, craftsman lived here, and many of them were members of the Orthodox Church.
During ages the Church was rebuilt, moved and renamed several times.
Last time it was built anew in 1895 in Moscow Orthodox architecture style.

See Also Holy Trinity Orthodox Cathedral.

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