Brīvības iela
Brīvības iela means Street of Freedom in Latvian language.
It is the main drag in Riga. Dividing East part of Riga into two parts.
Brīvības iela is so long, that different parts of it named as boulevard, street or highway.
The name of it has been changed several times regarding to political regime in Riga.
In the early beginning it was Petersburg road (18th century)
It was Александровскiй бульваръ or Alexanderboulevard (Alexander Blvd), when Riga was in Russian empire.
Then Brīvības iela during First Latvian Republic times (Freedom monument was built).
After that Adolf-Hitler-Straße (Adolf Hitler st.) during German Nazi occupation.
Then Улица Ленина (Lenin st.) during Soviet period.
And now it's again Brīvības iela, after Latvia gained Independence in 1991.
What could be next? Bush Street, or maybe Ulitsa Putina? :)

Brīvības can be read as Brivibas.

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