Studio 69 Club in Riga
Studio 69 is not only a night club, but a whole entertainment complex, which includes, different bars, restaurants, casino, hotel.
And on top of that Studio is connected to Rai with its 3 dance floors and hundreds of regular visitors.
Studio 69 has reputation of relatively expensive place for middle and upper-income workers. In fact here are a lot of people just pretending to be rich and the atmosphere of the club is very simulated.
  • Good music
  • A lot of nice looking girls
  • Sushi Bar
  • Shisha Bar (aka Hookah or water-pipe)
  • A lot of rich people poor in spirit
  • Cheap young girls looking for a sponsor (for somebody it could be more pro rather than con :))
  • Intense gazes, not very friendly atmosphere
  • Severe Security

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