City Festival
Rīgas svētki (Riga Festival) is always being held in the end of August each year. Tens of locations, hundreds of events and thousands of people are taking part in this huge celebration of Riga birthday.
In order to continue my own tradition, here below are some figures to describe Riga's growth.
During the last year Riga population went down from 713,016 to 709,145 people (-3,871); simple calculation proves that after 3 years Riga will have less than 700,000 residents :(
Riga district population (including cities inside) has decreased from 942,002 to 937,864 (-4,138)
And the picture of Latvia population is even worse. The huge drop is -43,325 or -1,92% of people (from 2,261,294 to 2,217,969)

Check also fireworks photos of Riga Festival 2008 and 2009.

As usually, good night photo is provided by F64.

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