Probably this will be really useful information for those of You who are planing to visit Riga really soon.
Riga isn't too big city comparing to other capitals in Europe. Most of tourist attractions are concentrated in the center of Riga - Old Town.
But if you'll check my previous posts you'll see a lot of great places outside the center. How to get there? Sure, you can use public transport.
But if You can afford to rent a car - go for it!

I recommend to use car rental services. You can easily find perfect car just for your budget! You can find any small, simple and cheap car, for example, Toyota Yaris, Hyundai Getz, etc.
Or You can go for luxury class and rent SUV's or even cabrio, like, Land Rover Range Rover Sport or BMW 730.

Their office is situated just on the way from the airport to the city center. Also they can pick you up at the airport with your rental car, if you want to! Their professional staff will always try to fulfill all your needs!

The best thing about them (and that's why I made this article) is that they offer limousine rental in Riga. OK, you'll say, what's special about this limo rental service?
You can rent a really rare Cadillac Escalade Limo for some special events of your life (wedding, bachelor parties etc.).
I don't know specific price, but you can simply request the price by phone or email.

Also I've heard that they are planning to start electromobile car rental soon, I hope that they'll achieve this goal to make our planet and Riga cleaner :)

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