Temporary Riga photos are being published not in a regular manner due to blog author has moved to Vilnius.

Gates to Buckingham Palace

These dinky gates is a doorway to the embassy of the United Kingdom in Riga at 5 Jura Alunāna street
In case UK citizens will decide to quit European Union during the referendum next year, this place will be surrounded by queues as many Latvian people live and work in England, Wales, Scotland, Northern Ireland and other countries of the the Foggy Albion.

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Prodigy in Riga
I guess everybody likes the Prodigy, at least did at some point.
Their fifth album Invaders must die is the reason why they came to Riga today again.
Unseen show for Latvian capital makes Rigans think that artists are absolutely insane. Or Maybe they are? :)

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