Temporary Riga photos are being published not in a regular manner due to blog author has moved to Vilnius.

Fridge Magnets

Latvian fridge magnets
Fridge magnet is a popular souvenir from any destination of the world, including Riga, Latvia
I collect fridge magnets as well, just because they are good elements to create the unique vision of the world or kind of geographical atlas in the most visible place at home.
So, if are coming to Riga, I kindly ask you to bring some nice magnet for me. In exchange for magnet, I can show you Riga around in the most interesting way.
I mean a city tour in real, not just photos :)

Thanks for souvenirs to Lynne Jordan from Chicago :)

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Hotel Latvija

One of the tallest buildings in Riga is Reval Hotel Latvija.
Located where Brivibas iela crosses Elizabetes iela, Hotel Latvija takes a part in Riga landscape.

See also: Hotel Latvija night shot and Riga panoramic view from hotel's top.

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Hotel Latvia

Hotel Latvia (Latvija) in Riga is very modern and tall building making the landscape of Riga.
Panoramic view on top is open to everybody. Look example towards Riga Center.
See also Hotel Latvija during Day time.

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