I must say thanks to all of you, my visitors. And say special thanks to the following guys:
  • Angela from Australia
  • Toby from Indiana
  • Juan from Spain
  • Kim from Scotland
  • Martine from France
  • A C Johnson from England
  • Raffaele from Italy
  • Line from Denmark
  • Roman from North Carolina
  • Andreas from Germany (the largest contribution)
  • Petteri from Finland

These fellas helped me to buy Canon PowerShot SD4000 IS aka IXUS 300HS, which is the best pocket camera in the world at the moment. Unfortunately it is the most expensive as well :)
In any case your donations were the best feedback for my 3 years long project Riga Photos!

Psst.. you are always very welcome to drop some coins and your help is very appreciated. Please donate :)

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