Temporary Riga photos are being published not in a regular manner due to blog author has moved to Vilnius.

Būtingė - Rucava Border Crossing

My second panoramic photo (please use horizontal scrollbar to see the whole picture) of the abandoned border-crossing point between Latvia and Lithuania called Būtingė - Rucava, which was visited during my trip to Nida.

This is a Latvia's exit point, therefore the last photo of this trip in this blog. Please check next photo at Klaipeda at my Vilnius' blog or go back to Liepaja

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Latvian-Lithuanian Ad

You will never find any other advertisement in the world written in both Latvian and Lithuanian languages except this one, which is located 500 meters away from Latvian-Lithuanian border on Lithuania's side of Via Baltica road.
For a while I couldn't decide where to publish this photo on Riga blog or on Vilnius Photos blog.

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Road to Vilnius from Riga

It is not a photo, but technology constantly goes forward, so I have started to experiment with videos :)
Please check my first timelapse video taken last rainy monday on the way to Vilnius from Riga.

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