Temporary Riga photos are being published not in a regular manner due to blog author has moved to Vilnius.

Būtingė - Rucava Border Crossing

My second panoramic photo (please use horizontal scrollbar to see the whole picture) of the abandoned border-crossing point between Latvia and Lithuania called Būtingė - Rucava, which was visited during my trip to Nida.

This is a Latvia's exit point, therefore the last photo of this trip in this blog. Please check next photo at Klaipeda at my Vilnius' blog or go back to Liepaja

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Latvian-Lithuanian Ad

You will never find any other advertisement in the world written in both Latvian and Lithuanian languages except this one, which is located 500 meters away from Latvian-Lithuanian border on Lithuania's side of Via Baltica road.
For a while I couldn't decide where to publish this photo on Riga blog or on Vilnius Photos blog.

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Baltic States

Baltic States
The expression Baltic States has almost no official use, but it is often used in talks to show a kind of union of three Baltic countries Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania.
On the left side is a rare map which says Baltic States. More recent versions are called Baltic Countries.

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Čili Pica

Cili Pica
Čilija Pica (Chili Pizza) is the largest pizza chain in Latvia, although it is originally Lithuanian company.
It is famous for relatively low prices and good quality of food. Some of Čili pizzerias are open day and night and serving alcohol, hence Čilik could be considered as part of Riga nightlife or even morning life when everybody comes here after parties to have some pizza :)

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iki is another cheap Lithuanian retail shop, like Maxima. The legend says that iki in Lithuanian means bye :)
This shop is located next to tramway 4 terminal station, a very strategic point of Imanta neighbourhood, hence it has changed many owners and names during past 20 years.
For example the area around shop is still nicknamed after former shop name Nelda.

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NASA satellite photo of winter in Latvia and neighbour countries Estonia, Russia, Belarus, Lithuania, Sweden.
A short ice free strip in the gulf of Riga is made in order to make possible ferry traffic.
Psst, Riga is in the very center :)

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Maxima in Riga
I guess such name fits better to some adult movie or might be even used as subject in spam email.
Maxima is Lithuanian supermarket chain with the worst brand naming strategy.

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